What you will learn

  • S&OP Today

    Start with the overview of the principles, processes, and best practices of sales and operations planning.

  • What is AI

    Get a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental concepts and applications of artificial intelligence

  • Build an AI Roadmap

    Learn about many ways to improve your day-to-day operations with AI and automation.

AI for Demand Forecasting

Through a series of videos, students will learn the basics of AI, including how it can be used to improve data quality and forecast accuracy. They will also learn about demand sensing and demand shaping, and how these techniques can be used to optimize demand planning.

AI for Supply Planning

Discover how AI can improve resource planning, including raw materials, labor planning, and production planning. Learn how to leverage AI for other optimization problems, such as inventory optimization.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to S&OP

    2. Course structure and objectives

    3. Getting support and resources 

    4. Glossary: AI and Automation for S&OP

    1. Video: Overview of S&OP process

    2. Video: Common challenges in S&OP process

    3. Quiz: S&OP Challenges

    1. Applying AI to S&OP

    2. What is AI - Demystifying AI

    3. Video: Improving data quality - Imputation with DeepMatch

    4. Video: Enhancing Prediction with AI

    5. Video: Optimization with AI

    6. Advantages of using AI in S&OP

    7. Quiz: Applying AI to S&OP

    8. What is AI

    1. Key takeaways and future outlook for S&OP and AI 

    2. Encouragement to explore further and apply AI to S&OP processes

    3. Recommended resources for learning and implementation

About this course

  • 18 lessons
  • 6 videos
  • 2h

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